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I Plant A Garden Every Year


I always plant a large garden every year Once my watermelons were ate by a deer
A bountiful garden comes once in a while Gives food on the table and makes me smile

I plant watermelons, corn, squash, and peas The sunflowers I plant are food for the bees
I once grew cantaloupes as sweet as honey Once my squash was zucchini, it was funny

Many times my gardens have survived drought A few times it drowned, O how I did pout
Despite the weather, the insects and the weeds I'll plant my garden with a variety of seeds

Those tiny seeds will spring from the ground O my I spy another fire ant mound
It`s a battle to have a bountiful harvest But each year I plant and pray for the best

I know gardens are a gift from above I plant mine with care and tend it with love
The garden of Eden was planted by God I wonder how he felt as he worked the sod

This year I ate some silver queen corn I picked it from my garden one Friday morn
Straight from the stalk to the pot it went That sweet corn was worth the effort spent

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